Sunday, March 30, 2008

Ching Ming Day...

It's a tradition for Chinese people to celebrate Ching Ming Day every year, probably around end of March or early April. It is a tradition to pay respect to relatives who passed away. So my kampung located at Bentong, Pahang. It's a 1-hour (more or less) drive from KL,Cheras to my hometown. By the time we arrived, it's about 6am only. And yet we walk to the cemetery with some help from the moonlight. It's not so creepy actually; cause you are with a lot of people. It is not a priority to pray early in the morning due to tradition or what; because most cemetery areas(especially in kampung) are placed on the hills. Sun rises around 7++am, and it's getting hotter and hotter byt 10++am. Haha, but i guess no one will actually go there around 3 in the morning. Hehe..

So basically every year we have 3 cemetery to visit. 1st, we went to my 'Ah Ye's (but i called him Gong Gong) place. We cleaned the cemetery and started to place those food and joss sticks in front of the cemetery. This year we had it differently, we bought those long red fire-crackers and lighten it. First, we were having problem on where to hang the fire crackers..because we dint bring the long stick. After we looked around my cousin brother only managed to found one skinny bamboo stick. Then my cousin sister joked, "What a job you did!" and then we laughed. So he threw the stick and wrap himself with the firecrackers (like beauty queen only:hhehe) And then my cousin sister said: "Good, now is the time to repay kindness to Gong Gong". cousin sis and bros really have a lot sense of humours.

Anyway, then we walked down the hill and went to my Ah Ma's one. After that we went to Grandaunt's one. So ok, by the way we finished, it's 10++am..and it was bloody hot..really! My dad's sweats were pouring down like fountain; according to my younger sis. Haha..but then every year when we walked down, people will sure looked at us..ok maybe just my dad. Why? My dad carried the big umbrella down and we will hid under the shade. Haha.. It's not a normal big umbrella, it's humongous. If you can figure out the night markets', or any stalls' type of umbrella, then you will get the size of it. Hehe.

We went to Chamang Waterfalls nearby to cool ourselves on the very very hot day. I like there very very's completely under the shades of tall tropical trees..and i love the big rocks (really really big!!) there. The sound of ferocious water fall from the high hills really nice. haha, i'm totally in love with nature! Next time only i post the pictures of waterfalls ok? Anyway, if you come to Bentong, or anywhere nearby it, then you should go to 2 famous places: the Chamang Waterfall and Hot Spring. Then maybe you can drop by the road at Jalan Loke Yew (in Bentong) and enjoy the cool famous ice-cream in town. If I'm not mistaken, the name of the shop is 'Kow Po'.

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