Friday, March 28, 2008

My 1st New Blog..

My First Intention on re-Blogging because i thought i wanted to share my happiness and sorrowfulness with anyone who viewed my blog. It was just kept in my mind until payherng and waisheng showing-off to me their blogs(haha, jk only ok?) So here is it.

I can't remember when and how i used to type blogs everyday without boringness in me..and surprisingly a lot to write. Maybe that time I'm still small, (haha, 16 only mah) so i poured out all my thoughts and opinions onto it with hoping someone will lend an eye and listen to my heart..but unexpectedly someone did actually looked through my blog. Erm, how to say? I thought i blog so that someone will see what I'm thinking about, but when i figured out that there is a human being who viewed my blog, i began to self-conscious on writing blog. That is why i quited most of my blogs, about 2 years ago.

Again and again, i thought about that same question..once there is a person who told me these..long time ago..

Greengrass: I was so tired with this world...i hope that one day i will pass out and let go of least someone will notice a fainted person..(perhaps)
Anonymous: Yeah, and you know what? You are simply a person who wants attention badly.

See? The statement the person made my blood shot up like rockets and crazy-ly mad at the person. But there's a truth lied actually. The person actually seen through my heart. I need attention badly.

It's not that i'm not getting attention, perhaps i wanted more than i deserved. Who knows right?
So yeah, you see the cruel statement took 2 years to make my life blogless. Then now, i'm back(hihihhhi). Anyway, i don't really blame that person (really!), it's just that the statement is not something that can be erased from my memories easily. And there's something; about me that i truly want to share with you all..

My Personality (#1)
There's 2 type of person in this world:
a) A person who forgets but never forgive.
b)A person who forgives but never forget.

Guess which type of person i'm? You are a smart fella if you guessed it right, you are still a smart fella if you can't guess it right. (Just because you can't answer this question correctly, doesn't mean you are completely idiot right? Come on, I'm sure Albert Einstein did a mistake or two before in his life, but he was still a genius right?)

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