Wednesday, July 2, 2008

back again~~

See, i'm back again--but again with fast typo speed. Not be too afraid, i was told. There's a saying 'time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana'. I wished i knew the meaning for the second part of the quote. Swt. Anyway right--in 2 weeks time i will pass up my a) finite maths assignment worth 10%, b) study skills assignment worth 15%, c) excel & powerpoint project + presentation, second round quiz on finite maths, intermediate english and computing principles. after that, 4 weeks later and it's the time to face my final exam! Oh no oh no! I will be dead! ahaha, choi, touchwood, reverse the curse, whatever it is yeah. But do wish me good luck; i'm wishing everyone too.=)

By the way, didn't i tell you i'm a toastmasters' member? Huh?! what is toastmaster you ask me? Why don't you ask or dr.wikipedia? Haha~~sorry but actually as a blogger who informed you about my life, i should tell you personally as i wished i did; unfortunately i have no opportunity to do so right now. i'm kinda speed in typing words, but i couldn't do it now as my eyes beg me to finish this latest blog.

Actually i will be doing my first speech this saturday, again wish me luck ok=) later i will tell you everything that happened inside out in about it. Don't worry. Although it might take forever for me to do it.


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