Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Think again (Part 1)

Think you know everything about me? Think again. Nope, it's not a contest; you do not win if you know the answers; you do not lose anything you don't know the answers(although eventually you will know the answers). So why don't you just scroll down and look at the Qs and As i have created for myself--and to anyone else who thought they know me; or they want to know me.

Fast Fact! (with lengthy explanations)
Name: Jaime @ Jamie.
There's something about my names. Ya, my names. My Chinese name; Hui Qing. Since young, only a few people who knew how to spell my name correctly; yes, included the person who asked me to spell my name for them. They either put Ching or Cing. Haha, funny yo~but i do think my name with the initial Q is cooler, and mind you! It pronounced as "ch-ing",not or "k-ing" or "que-ing". Only people with a)minor knowledge of the world history-especially the Qing Dynasty version or b) the people with fairly good command in English. People with combination of both understand how my name is properly pronounced. OR, people who asked how to pronounce my name. But i thought my name would be easier if i add nickname for me, for college purposes. People tend to remember english name rather than chinese. Like Peter or Mary. Lol, ya, that's so lame. That's why i've chosen Jaime. Pronounced as 'Jay-Me', ya know. Nvm, but people still write it as "Jamie". I also duno why i don't have 'fate' with names. But i'm not really mind how people spelt my name d, as long they spell it, with same pronunciation about it. LOL

Height & Weight: 152cm and 48 kg.
Serious, i'm that short. Ya, short. 152 IS abnormal for an 18 year-old person. 18! Can't you imagine me, standing amongst others who have the average of 165 and above?! So yeah, when i talked to anyone, i need to swing my head up into the sky and stars. And believe or not, my neck can't last for more than 10 min. They either have to a)sit down when talking to me, or b) they talk to me at a far position ,or c) don't talk to me. God knows if i can grow taller or not, since i'm reaching the maximum timing for puberty.
And there's one fact; sometimes i care about my height, but sometimes i'm not. Really, depends on situations. IF people who are taller than me teases me, sorry but i won't be offended. But i really regrets of my traits. Haha, just slightly; especially if you want to wear a nice dress. Dress looked awful for a shorty.
P/S: You know what i really care about? Yea, my weight. It's looked nice right? Wait till you see me in person. ROFL.

My eyes and ears: Nothing really special, that's the problem. ROFL.
I had erm, what do you call that; ya, pigs' eyes, one-lid eyes, but you know what i'm trying to say, right? So it really makes my eyes look very small. I like big eyes though. Ha ha ha, there are some people who are single-folded eyes cap right; but their eyes really big! Nice! Furthermore, among my siblings and i, i have the shortest eye lashes. My younger sister has big eyes and double-folded and long eye lashes, my elder sister has double folded and long curved eye lashes! Only i'm the special case here.
My ears; nothing much to say. Right one, i have two holes. Left, only one. But i have future plans about my ears, ha ha ha. Swt, anyway, i plan to pierce more holes. Depends on other factors as well. I pierced my third (and fourth, but it got infected anyway, tat's why it's gone for good, lol) after my SPM. So got meaning one ok. Rofl, maybe i will pierce two more for my 18th birthday. Actually i like guys with left-ear pierced. Very cute. Haha, dunno why. But it's more cute if they use diamond ear-ring for their left one! I will definitely stare at their ears for long long time. Haha~~abit sot sot.

Hair: Black initially, kinda long until shoulder length.
Dyed dark purple; but no one knows until i told them so. Lol. NO difference, that's why i have purchased something like brownish golden one; but i still doubting to dye it or not. I love my black hair, but i don't want to looked dim all the time. And! I love my long hair more! He he he~~ but maybe when i reached the age of working, then i will cut short. ROFL. Long time din see myself with short hair. Woo~~really anticipate it.

Moles: I have quite a few.
I have quite a few, the most obvious yet less people really know about it is is on my left cheek. Right there only. Ha ha~ maybe people cannot differentiate with pimples. Haha, swt. Straight above the mole on my cheek is another mole, just nicely up on top of my eyebrows in the end.
There's one on my left wrist, and one on my right shoulder. Other places, i can't really see it myself. Lol. Anyway, i like the positions of the moles on my parts of body. They make you feel unique, apart from ur very unique thumbprints. Lol.

Hands & Legs: I have complete one=)
My palm is squarish version. Some people said it means earth. Dunno what it means. Lol. My fingers are short! God, i wish i have longer one; and my nail shape--cup one. For nail shape, you either got cup or the glass. Haha, people called like that. So basically my hands do not look really nice to you right? Then, my legs? I don't want to comment a lot about it. Lol, not nice actually. Short and cacated version. Compared to Lin Zhi Ling la...lol, macam 7th heaven with 77th hell. Lol.

End Of Part 1.
Part 2 contents: (Secret!) Lol.

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