Friday, August 8, 2008

Nothing really Special here..

Nothing really special here...really! Today i'm sooo lazy to think up a theme and write about it...not like my last posted one..semangated like hell to type, then a fren commented :kinda weird blog...oh, sorry lor for my weird blog..dun like then suen..i have one fan who read it and commented about it truly from her ter-gan dong ok my dearest! I sold you d myself, but you haven't paid me rm12 for that! Lol..Oh well...want to blog crazily like her d..her's so funny! I can't stop laughing in front of the computer monitor..and fan-ning about everything that will be going on during sem see, we have plan..and to make the plan successful, we need more than people; we need something called 'm.o.n.e.y'. Oh, money is everything in here. No money, no talk is the motto in everyday's life. Even you want to go to toilet at kl, you need to pay for it. Lunch is free if you choose to eat nothing, but you will ended up eating medicine. That is money. You said sun is free, air is free. Yeah, that 'free thing' keeps you alive. When you are alive, you need money. Even if you are dead, you still need 'hell money'. OMigod, why i'm talking about money now? Oh ya, tat's my problem right now. Money.

By the way, i'm now keep on crapping in this blog from day to day. Forgotten to tell you, i'm now having holiday ok! So yeah!! Free, but not really free, but then again; kinda free. Lol, cool statement from lame person. Oh well, what to do nia? I'm a free people. Anyway, i'm currently planning how to spend my 2 1/2 week holiday:

1. Go to KL Library (No, i'm not that book nerd, but i want to indulge myself within a corner fillled with books---ok, that does sound like i'm a book worm; but no, i'm going to spend my time glancing through the art book and maybe pscyhology, and business as well. I'm soooo going to be a person who will achieve HD, XD )

2. Stay at home (and be a good girl!)
Now not that i'm an angel to do so, and i'm not the devil to just starting to stay home; but because, i hav no money, and to entertain myself, i need to do something about it. I will stay at home, studying (not again?!?, yeah, i scolded myself for this d), ironing clothes once a week, taking care of my baby eunice, (niece), washing clothes, and onlining, and crapping all day long.

3. (Secret)

4. (Secret)

Lol, that's all i can do for now for 2 1/2 weeks. I can't earn money from part-time job, who wants people who work for 2 and 1/2 weeks, not even kuli job ok! So yeah, . . once again, i'm crapping..

Oh ya, something i've forgotten to tell la! I'm now duno what i'm typing now. Lol. Does that matter?? Anyway...something is lifted away from my shoulder now..hmmmm..what is it? Oh ya! Money! Oh no, no no, i din kena loteri, nor i got money from the sky; but...i finally decided to use my own money to spend! Yah, i wanted to use my parents money for outing; but then again, they are money-analyst. They really know what is cheap, expensive, affordable, and not so wisely spent thingy. Oh it came back d..ouch! Poor my shoulders..T_T...Eh, i'm ok world is spining...orbiting around it...oh..why there's some stars there? Eh! I saw a shooting star! Make a wish!


Lied on the floor.

*Announcement: When the blogger is typing this blog, she is currently in the mesyuarat tergempar with the psycho gang and J&D.*

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