Saturday, August 16, 2008

It's An Emo Blog...

It's An Emo blog....if you are not bothered to look at it..please proceed to click on other website.

It's An Emo blog.....begins now.

Oh...i've been emo-ing for a few nights.....duno why...guess this is the 'mourning period' when you get if you dun fully use your holidays well..i am given 2 1/2 weeks for holiday but i spent 1 and 1/2 weeks useless-ly..Yeah...i've alwiz emo actually...just sumtimes it popped out within minutes that my daily life isn't so bothered by it..

Alah...orang emo nak cakap apa ne? I also dunno...emo laaa.....i wan to crap and crap and crap non stop like orang ppl manyak appi...but one wants to talk to me. T_T. Emo lor~~~Anyway, i wanted to watch alot of movies...going on for a movie marathon..but no money and no ppl teman like tat lor...everyone's broke. I'm pretty broke too..guess i will have to tie my stomach to survive 2nd sem...speaking of which, coming up nex nex week lor.....but nex friday results out! Kecut my stomach...

Sigh~~~really really How many times i need to type this word again neh? Sounds really pathetic...but then...oni ppl emo when they are lonely..and yes! Yes! I admit it! I'm a loner......without my frens...i'm so lonely...despite watching movies and listening to music...i'm still soo lonely. Sigh~~~~~ actually right?! I have a bad characteristic in myself. Although it is a bad characteristics, lately i oni found out that it is sooo bad. Sigh~~what to do nia? I hate myself for having this 'bad habit'....really, really feeling like want to hide inside a dark dark big spacious room..just sit there and do nothing but to think about absolutely nothing...because i hate myself for having this bad characteristics. Sigh....even my frens also think i'm a bit siao siao...they din say it out, but i know they think like that.

What to do nia......T_T. Sumtimes i really hope i can find someone that i can called 'special' in my life..A.S.A.P. See, i'm not desperate ok..just i'm an 18 years old girl and everyone surrounding me hav someone special in their can say i'm jealous/envy. it's a nature to do so. But i wont cin cai ba lang go and accept anyone so easily into my life. At the same time i'm afraid to make a commitment too. Lol. Really sakai rite me? But i can't help it. I also want to be a normal person too. Guess it's not the time yet. ..If it's so...when is it?!?? T_T. Lol, not angry at anyone, but actually asking the Almighty one above that is looking at us.

WAh....emo-nye..Sob..sob...what to do? Hmm.....lately i want to hug someone so If the 'Free Hug' activity can be found here in KL too right kan bagus? Surely i will cry like a baby after hugging. Entahlah......haih...emo-nye............................

Disclaimer: All this happened when the blogger texted with someone.

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