Thursday, September 4, 2008

Pulau Tioman's Trip (Part 1)

For anyone who didn't know or are anticipating for discovering Tioman Island, please feel free to see here. Sorry for not updating it, though i really, really enjoyed being at Tioman Island with another 9 psycho HELP fellas: Wai Fong jj, Carrie jj, Min Yi, David & Janice, Yin Foong@Ninja, Kok Wai, Amber and Bao Bei@Qian Huey. =)

Tioman is a heaven with presence of great friends there. Thanks for giving me unforgettable memories, buddies!

Here's a few comment to say about:

The bus: Transnasional.
I fell for the drivers! They are very baik; they were actually mengamalkan sikap berhati-hati di jalan raya. With their skilful driving experiences (especially in nights), they managed to finish the wee wang wang routes on the kampung roads, and they were actually on the left and middle lane in the highway! Many buses cut us though. Somehow, i feel thankful about that. One problem though; lipas-es are everywhere! From baby cockroaches, you can find exotic-looking cockroaches! While we were having breaks (at one perhentian laa~), i found half bitten green pea on Amber's seat. We didn't eat any peas though. After i observed carefully, i saw there was a small siu keong gnawing away the intis! Ew!!! I would have just scream! But being a civilized person in public, i told Amber to get me one X-Pax card lying on the floor.

Me: Amber, get me the X-pax card on the floor please. (Pointing at the card)
Amber: Huh, why?
Me: If you want to be alive, just give it to me.
Amber: (Picked up the card and gave it to me)

At that time, most of them were curious of both of us. Finally i told the situation, while i tried to pushed both the cockroach and the pea. Amber was half way screaming. Haha, while Janice and David (sat behind us) looked at us. I didn't manage to push the pea though. It went through the seats. Lol. David, bravely! used his bare hand and slipped into the cushions to look for the cockroaches. I repeat, there were more than one. I must be crazy if i were to do the same thing as he did. Lol. I tell you, if i am going to find one boyfriend, i must choose someone who doesn't afraid of cockroaches and spiders. Because i am.

To be Continued~~~~~

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