Sunday, June 8, 2008

My Favourite Sport

i have 1 hour left before go for replacement class later at 330pm. Guess where am i? Haha, i'm in college lab...posting one new blog asap. Hehe~~suddenly want to post something (emo kononnya). But anyway, there's a lot things i want to post here, but aren't able to due to laziness and busi-ness. So yeah, today i have time, so i will post one nice blog entitled: My Favourite Sport. In more specifically: "If you were given only one sport to choose for your entire life, what you will choose, and why?". No no no, i'm not into the upcoming Beijing Olympics, but yesterday when i discussed with my younger sister on her Sports Day, that's when i got an idea to post one blog with that title today.

" One Sport to play in your life, and why "

Simple. I'm a laid back person, i don't do a lot of sports. in fact; honestly, i never really did. Ok, when i was a young gal, my dad gave us three badminton rackets and alot of shuttlecock. So the conclusion= we were in badminton fever for quite some period. It was fun; and not fun. Fun part was when we were able to hit the shuttlecock (yes, with the racket!) and obviously the not fun part was when we weren't able to. Then somehow we quited on that sport. Oh ya, i think maybe because we were out of the shuttlecocks. Lol. Serious! My dad did not buy us the badminton rackets nor the shuttlecock, he got it free from his clients and avid badminton gamer friends. When they were out of stock, we were out of the game mood. Nope, not even within the long badminton period we were excited about winning any Cup.

The end. I mean, for the badminton sports i used to play. Hehe, then once i joined the netball club in primary school. Yes yes, it did sound ludicrous to some of you who didn't believe that i was in the club. Club member to be exact. There were some energetic, skilfully, talented, full-of-potential members around in our club, so the trainers were contented to teach the outstanding one, instead of those who dunno anything. Besides, i never get to hold on that ball for more than 4 seconds in one game. Let alone for me to shoot.

There's once, however when i was in primary 6; my last year in primary school; i get to participate in running for 4 X 100m, 100m, and one more game i can't remember what d. i got bronze for the 4 X 100m though. I never practice (not bother to) for the competition (not even once), that's why i was happy for not getting last position in the event. Anyway, i was really exhausted after the 3 events. i was lack of stamina. hahaa...

I thought i want to participate in athletic club when i was in form 1. However, i joined chess club instead. Hehe~~lazy lazy lazy = lazy results. So anyway, i do admit i like running alot. When there's 'sukantara' in school, i love, and usually get first among others in running 100 m within 4 seconds. Hehe~~ i'm a short-distance runner. Compared to other games ( i haven't try with archery, football, basketball, etc) i love running. Once i ran, i will think of alot of things, few seconds later, i focus on just one thing = keep on running. I will stop, then run, then stop, then run until the end. That's how life should be right? Haha~apa kaitan dengan life i pun tak tau.

Anyway, i was inspire (am i?) by one person, yeah, the marathon runner. I was unsatisfied with his comment (perhaps, criticism? ) on one fine day: " What, 1.5 km in 13 minutes? That's slow~". Something like that. Something behind that. Lol, so when i ran for some event( i think it was during PE time), i kept thinking about that comment. And kept on running. My friends told me that my face was white. Haha~ First time i was feeling cold after running. Nvm~ it's a compliment, i hope so, for the marathon runner. Hey, one day when i'm ready, we will run together for the 'real-marathon event' you always wished for, ok? If i can't run (touch-wood) on that time, i will be the spectator instead. haha, but on my right hand i will carry one big red apple to pass to you. That's our deal! Hehe~ A deal without your permission.

So yeah, in conclusion, i will choose 'running' as my sole sport in my entire life. Because to me, running is a satisfaction that one should treasure. By keep on running, on the end of the run you only know the reason you run for.

Tata! Now is 2.55pm, i used about 1/2 hour to type this blog. Amazing, huh?

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