Saturday, May 31, 2008

Updated Lazy blog..

It's been a long time since i posted my last post..hehe~excuses? Erm, busy with assignments, lazy to type, and have no time to online due to revisions for quizzes. Satisfied? Oh well, no one really look into this blog anyway, so i just update some new things i really want to let ppl to know. Erm, not really interesting topics, but just to add some words into here since it's really long time d...=) Suddenly emo..hehe

Oh well, first, let's talk about my college life! Not to brag or anything ok---just to tell. College life (around 1 month only =) ) was fun! i started to blend into the college style; almost ok with it. For example, the lecturer style and study skills. So far so good, since we only have 4 classes now; although some took 5 ( include LAN Subjects). There are more assignments coming up; and more quizzes, and mid-term is just 3 weeks later!

Somehow i do felt the subjects we are taking now are really important and useful for your future life. Finite maths is for social sciences and business life; intermediate english for your strong foundation in english (haha, obviously!), study skills to help you to organize everything in order (tough subjects though~although it's a easy concept), and computing principles for technology era (duh!) Somehow you will tend to improve yourself no matter how in college life due to limited time for examination ( the second month you will have your mid-term exam, 7 weeks later after mid-term you will be having your final exam; how about that? =) ) You will like want to study and study and study! (not because you need to study, nor you want to study, but it is because you want to need to study! ) Anyway i think it's more or less the same style for other pre-U courses, i think.

But then for me, ok ok lor.. I'm a slow learner, i use a year to understand the previous years' course. That is...without tuition. So since college i have no tuition ( replaced by tutorials), i might as! It's a must to double my time for study right? Hehe; otherwise i will have to repeat my course again and again..TOUCHWOOD!!!!!

Till then, mata ja ne*!

mate ja ne* See ya!

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