Thursday, May 1, 2008

My 1st New Path~~

IT's been a long time since i posted my last blog...lazy laa! Anyway~ just to inform that i'm officially a HELP University College Matriculation Centre Student!!!Sounds too long right the title? la..about the orientation day (28th April) i was ready for the orientation; but what i was not was the day to start the school:29th April. OMG! I tot it was like--erm maybe a week or later--since they told it's a May Intake..right? Right? So nvm la~~~ what to do? Enter the class only lor..and during the orientation day i bumped with Li Vern! Haha~she is taking the same course with me too! Yai! I was relieved because at least i'm not alone for the orientation that day. But i met new friends with Wai Fong (Li Vern's NS fren) and Shaleny (Kepong), and others.. The first part of orientation was fine with the speeches and talks on HMC.

But what happened during the second part of orientation was: tensed, confused, blurred, hectic. We have to decide the class we are going to right away after we are given the confuse-able timetable (damm different from our secondary school's timetable i assured you!) Then within blurred minutes of given by the instructors, Miss Grace (after explanation on how to read the timetable), we are tensed because we supposed to take a group per subject (4 subjects to take) and we must make sure the time of a subject does not clash with the others. Intermediate English and Finite Mathematics are more fixed: You will have 2 lectures and 1 tutorial per week; and if you choose a particular group for the subject; for example: Group A; you will have three A classes; different time per class of course. However, for Study Skills; you will only have a class per week: so it's more easy to choose the class carefully after you choose the other subjects. The most flexible subject timing will be Computing Principles: 1 lecture + 1 lab + 1 tutorial. And you can choose different group per class: eg: Lecture A + Lab 4 + Tutorial C. Hectic, hectic.

So not to crack my head up--i followed Li Vern and Wai Fong's classes, because we have the same thought: not to have any classes on Friday. And we dun have any classes on Friday! Woohoo! So yeah~~ Monday is a rushy day; Tuesday is a long hectic day; Wednesday is a happy day; Thursday is a fine day; and Friday is my holiday! Hahahaa~~ but this will only on first semester: next semester we will have to redo our schedules as we will be taking different subjects.

First day of college life? Since it was started on tuesday; so it was actually a long hectic day. Why? My class started off at 8 am with Computing Principles for 2 hours, then waited until 12.30pm for Intermediate English for 1 and a 1/2 hour, 3.30pm-5pm will be Finite Mathematics. So the free periods in-between were a long-hectic one. I was not grumbling ok?~on the first day only laa i mean..maybe 2 weeks later i will thankful for the free periods..gua. Hahaa

Oh ya~ this week is a nice week: monday: orientation day, tuesday: 1st class, wednesday: happy day, thursday: holiday (labour day!), friday: holiday! Hehe~~ but tomoro i will go to HELP to attend the TMS Meeting..just to look around and see see. Maybe i will join the club gua~~two or a month later--depends also geh. i'm waiting for the JPA Scholarship (still waiting,..and waiting..and waiting) results on 2nd week of May. My dad said if JPA does offer me; then i will have to quit up HELP. that~ for the moment i'm still a student of HELP.

Oh well~~actually i am happy because i finally started my school back; on the other hand i am nervous about my study. Someone said "Chill La'' i heard? Duh~~ i can't be chilled cause i'm not an ice or what lor..but then still; because i suppose to get a nice exam mark to go to degree course with scholarship..and seriously Matriculation only have 1 year to decide. Probably every 3 months to decide. Matrix is about consistency; so i will have to be consistent in pushing myself right? Nah~~ i won't be crazying around for pushing myself too hard; i have negative motivations in my mind in order to make a positive remark for me. Not to too worry for me? Hehehee...

Oh i guess this is a longest post so far?? Might Be. Heheheehehee~~~

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