Thursday, April 24, 2008

Someday Somehow..

Actually nothing much i did few days before..because i'm going to college (although my brain has rotten quite long time ago) ! So when my younger sis (currently in F4) asked questions on homeworks to me; i became quite blurred. Haha; she asked those quite easy questions but i simply couldn't answer it--and i asked her to ask my elder sister instead. Then i realise (after few days) that i must do something about it (my brain; her homeworks; my reputation hehehe). So i started up by doing my one-week timetable. Quite useful for a lazy bump like me--i will follow rules rather than self-motivation/alarm clock.

Anyway--basically nothing much; just read some grammar books, (my eng sux!) and keep reading and Nihongo o benkyoshimasu. Sigh~~i can't never really master it although i read and read on the same chapters everyday. Haha--pathetic. Oh and maybe i will start revising my additional maths and bio/chem/physics like tat..hehe; depends.

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