Sunday, April 20, 2008

Little Budget Management.

Oh actually it's a simple version of statement. Well, since i'm going to college; i will have to be quite..independent. I will have to (of course!) manage my little financial world, and head on with studies without worrying both my parents. So i searched (actually; quite an incident when i saw) on internet on tips how to survive in college/university/campus/etc. Of course; the website actually managed by American..for American scholars, but some of the informations are quite useful for anyone who wants to manage their budgets in college. Check here.

I printed out the articles and read it. Since i'm new, and basically zero financial-management knowledge; i found it is very interesting and fun. (I'm a person who like to be busy all the time; especially if i'm pretty busy already .

Yeah; stop with my little craziness. Anyway; you see; there's one tiny winy thing i would like to remind you all when you are thinking of budgeting. Seriously; it's a stupid situation (i'm meaning myself of course!)

Here's how i got my lessons:

Just now my family and i were in a food court; for a dinner. Since we can't make out what to eat for dinner; options varied among ourselves. We picked the food we want to at food court. To keep everything in short; the problem arise when we ordered the drinks.

I want to drink Chinese Tea; like my dad usually ordered in..everywhere.

greengrass: can you give me hot tea?
dad:make it three.

a few minutes later; he brought 3 glasses of teas..tea tarik..somesort of tea u found in kopitiams. i like...what the?! So actually i wanted to argue about it; because it's not what i ordered. But dad refused to do so; and paid RM3.90 for 3 glasses..well, Chinese tea costs about RM0.30. We paid extra RM3. What more? My mum and sis like half scolding me for din make a clear order. I said; how would i know? Actually; my sis were there at the time i ordered the drinks, so if they said i did not make a clear order, how come they din stop me? It wasn't completely my fault right? So dad said dun make a fuss out of it, because the waiter had serve what he was told to. So we cannot do anything liao..

conclusion: To manage your budget: Make a clear order out of it. No matter how; you want a strawberry jam less sugar or strawberry jam only. Otherwise you will burn some small holes (which later will eventually become a big hole two months later) in your pocket. Ouch.

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