Saturday, April 5, 2008

JPA Scholarship Interview...(Part 2)

Muahahaha...what shall i type in this post? But then again, i typed everything inside but not so detail..let me tell you about my batch for the interview that day: There's 3 Chinese gal included me, 1 Malay guy, and 3 Malay females. We had some chat before the interview. Although i can't remember their name, but i know they are very very nice person..and excel in both academic and extra curriculum field..definitely much better than who i am.

The Malay guy planned to take Business Administration; and according to the interviewer, his chance of getting through the interview is higher because not many ppl took this course. Erm..i see la..anyway, there's one chinese gal (who loves black:black hair, black shirt, black pants, black bag, black shoes, black file!) and she plans to take law. Wow! She's definitely looked like a lawyer. Very elegant and pretty! And the other gal wore blazer. All said she was clever, because while waiting for interview and in the interview itself, it's very very cold. She's plan to take engineering in US or German, but she will prefer US because same language mah..And then one malay gal plans to take financing; she's really can debate i tell you. And one more want to do accounting, and the other one economic if i'm not mistaken. So since all of us took different course, (me doing architecture) we have less tense.

It was nothing much d i guess. But seriously if you plan to take JPA Scholarship, try to apply for your courses if possible. TRY at least. Because i think this interview is really good. The interviewer is not so straight, and interview is done within a group. You have the chance to see how other ppl speak during interview, and thus you can gain some knowledge from the person.

I din't regret for taking JPA scholarship although my first and second choice in career is psychology. Perhaps who knows, maybe one day you will see me as an architect. Since my parents love to kick me out (just joking la) to oversea, so i really took an initiative in it. But if can, i want to do psychology. It's not that i hated architecture and/or because my dad and mum pushed me to do or something. But hey again; why not? Maybe to my parents, psychology is still an unsteady field; at least in Malaysia. And besides, i can't guarantee I'M for psychology, rite? But i guess i'm really really happy if my parents are proud of me; despite of what career i will be involved. =)

Here is some pictures i took from International Convention Centre at Putrajaya.

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