Friday, April 11, 2008

3 posts in 1 blog

Today i wan to type three topics into same blog; same day. OMG I'm very greedy...hahaa..actually i did online few days back but then i...lazy to what did i do when online?

Part 1 (...Half Otaku?)

Congratulations if you found out. I'm been an avid reader of manga online! Seriously; i also dunno why i will enter that website. So i turn out watching chapters per chapters of some stories@manga. Although i wan to read about Bleach only initially; it turned out i read anything else but Bleach. haha; kerek giler la...then i watched movies/series online pulak. I like..what the? But seriously i want to promote giler giler here because the video quality! Better than about 5 times!!! Downloading times faster, quality better, more options. If you want to know; there are more originals than crappy (means: own MV video, bla bla)...One more important: We bananas:half or non; (no offences=))or love japanese movie but can't understand single thing??! You can count on cruncyroll's. The english translation is P.E.R.F.E.C.T.!!!!!!)

And so i came across this cool website is when i was looking for Nada Sou Sou's the Movie. (Tears For You;JMovie). In Youtube results:Zero. In Crunchyroll results: Complete Movie. i was of course trilled! I recommend this movie if you are into JMovie;BroSis relationship; BroSis Complex, Love, and that cute guy! haha..the lead actor i mean.=) If you wan to know the synopsis go and read it yourself lor...hahaha

Btw; talking back on my 1st part of long long blog---..Half Otaku?
According to Otaku is a term used to refer to people with obsessive interests, particularly anime and manga. The term otaku in Japanese suggests a creepy, obsessive loner who rarely leaves the house. In English, geek can possibly suggest a person who may be socially awkward but who is also intelligent and may be fairly "normal" aside from their interest in certain typically 'geekish' pursuits (video games, comic books, computers, etc.). Otaku is closer in connotation to the English nerd but the closest English-language analogue to otaku is probably the British English term anorak. Both of these English-language terms have more emphatically negative connotations of poor social skills and obsessive interest in a topic that seems strange or boring to others.

While otaku in English-speaking contexts is generally understood to mean geek or even fan, this usage is not widely known in Japan. Casual use of this term may confuse or offend native Japanese speakers.

The End.

Haha; no lar, i suspect myself as half's not that i hate going out; i'm not grounded, but my frens: busy working/studying; my mum not really wan to me to go out:outside is dangerous. So i stayed at home; online watching movie and manga non-stop. If I'm lucky(lucky?) to find a movie/manga that attracts me, then i will be facing the monitor up to 5 hours per day. So far only 2 made me:Bokura Ga Ita (We've been there@anime@japanese) and Nada Sou Sou. Oh Ya; additional info: 90% of the anime/movie and trailers that you've been looking for are available in there: Ex:Death Note the Movie, Korean Movies that non-available in Malaysia, Japanese Dramas and Movie:Heard or Unheard Before; Chinese Soap Dramas (TVBs) like that also got..Geng mao?

Currently besides online watching manga/anime; i do scrapbooks. I am lazy to explain; but it's addictive if you 1)love art 2) love photography 3) loves computer 4)loves telling stories. So yeah, if you just have any of the reasons to scrapbook, then you should try. It's fun. It's not about having time or not; it's really depend on individually-you wan to do or not. So yeah..

The end.

Of part 1...


Part 2 (...Not so Otaku d?? )

It's pretty weird topic right? Nevertheless; seriously i'm happy because i can go out on wednesday..after my almost 2 weeks of growing mushrooms and lingzhi (impossible i can grew lingzhi) at home. So yeah, haha~~so happy and relieved that i'm no longer walking thru the otaku no..not that i hate otakus..just that i can't stay in house too long..for duno what reasons ok? Nvm, let's talk bout HIS Birthday Day. Actually Simon was born on the wrong day this year; just kidding. Since we can't make it to have his day as soon as possible, we postponed till recently. (We the gang very busy one...working working..)

Pretty much the same like any other outing with the gang:Amber, Sam, Simon, Jen, Me,..den suddenly pop put a tomato (it's a human being; for yr information=) that day. Haha, ok ok tomato; just kidding alright. You appear or not appear that day doesn't make any difference also.We can just pretend you are not... Ok ok, just kidding again.

So, we just eat at sushi king...some more promotions RM2 on that day..haha..the terms and condition like this:

1) You must have a sushi king card. (fit for max 6 persons per card)
2) You only can stay in the store for 19 min only (my sis said why don't 20? I also dunoo...=))
3)There are some exception for rm2 promotion sushis', only solid colors of sushi plate are for rm2. Which means, strips of color on the side of the plate are on usually price (rm 6, rm 8)

What more? We eat lor..but each of us the max plate: 5-6 only. Because

1) we are full...(wonders wonders..)
2) there are not much of varieties at TS Sushi King Outlet.

Ok ok, then leh wat happen next? We plan to play pool at bowling place there but Sam and Amber went to cut hair instead..haha. They both want to cut hair on Simon's day? But then again, got 2 foreigners took the pool table; and the other one out of services. Ok fine, they ended up play bowling instead. I din participate in it. Because a) I duwan b)I dunno how to play.

And and..surprisingly Jen rank 1st in the first game; because Jen got strike! Amazing; beat those two guys weh!! It was funny though because Simon teased Jen that the way Jen threw the ball like throwing handbag! Haha; Tomato said the style works. So tomato gave a shot. But hehe; the style works for jen only. Hehe; on the second game, each player get to strike; but still Jen scored the highest; she hit double! Tomato said next time he dare not play with Jen d..

btw we watched 27 dresses that day. Kinda nice story; we laughed and laughed. So sad; other ppl are enjoying watching with full heartedly; we spoiled it. He he. So yeah; after movie we took some pic and that's all. Very like the wu liao type day? Nah; it's actually nicer. Maybe there are less ppl; so we communicate better. Actually; i planned to eat yogurt at yogurtberry (if you wan to know where the store is: it's on 1st floor; facing the GSC Cinema ticket counter) because my younger sis it's really really nice; but unfortunately the store is in pretty bad business. Maybe less ppl enter; or they dun like yogurts or others. I will just have to try it the other time..

oh ya: I'm posting pic here so you can see amber and sam's haircut that day: hehe

the 1st sushi i had! (Out of 5 plates)=) That's simon with jen jen=)they are sweet couple..

Sammy and Amber before the hair cut... Yeah; i took candid picture of tomato..seriously he dunno how to pose
when i ask him to pose lor...sigh~spoil the pretty picture of 2 beauties
only..(tomato the beauty photo spoiler...hahah jk jk)

Tada! 4 gals! And of course; after the haircut..=)

Part 3(..No Otaku-to-Be liao..)

Oh this was happened when i registered for Foundation in Arts at HELP Institute; last Saturday. I was trilled of course; because i can enter college finally. I dowan to enter form 6; so my the only option is to enter college. Now thanks (very much!) to my parents and the institute; my tuition fees for the 1 year-course are waived. So my dad only need to pay for the admission fees and la la jap jap stuff only. But still; it's more expensive compared to form 6..but daijobu otosan; okaasan! I will gambate kudasai!! =( Yeah; i did apply for JPA and ASEAN Scholarship; so to choose between these i will choose JPA and ASEAN over HELP. This is because JPA provides everything for my studies in the next 3-4 years in architecture (overseas you know!!) If i get JPA liao; my dad and mum will not have to worry for the next 3-4 years..yeah; still both i will have to excel in studies every year. If i stayed in HELP; it is pretty impossible to obtain full scholarship for degree course dad still have to fork out 1/2 or 1/3 of the fees (if i managed to get the PTPTN loan (government). Wish me luck in JPA ok?!? Hehe...

Actually i dunno which to do: foundation in science or foundation in arts..of course; foundation in science are wider..but my mum said since i wanted to do psychology---business psychology; why i dun go to arts instead? i am gonna do arts. Pretty scary for me; arts stream are pretty new..i have no confidence actually...but i will do my best..and when i thought of those faces who looked down on me (because i'm not that bright; not that sports-active; not that rich; bla bla other sh.. ) ; suddenly i feel like proving that all the harsh words they uttered are sooooo totally wrong. It's like..go to hll would ya like tat? (OMG; i'm so nice to them already ok? I dun think it's over for me to say like tat) I did prove that to them once; when i'm studying for SPM. Serves them sooo right! Now they like..din talk to me or talk to me in different manner wait till i finished my studies; i will show off to them!

Sigh; i'm so emo bout this. Haha...sorry x 100 yeah=P

Hehe; so i'm not going to tear out stupid tears just because what they said; instead i will make them eat their own words..

ok ok...dowan emo liao..=) I'm going to end this long post now..=)

Mata Ja Ne~!

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